Our unique music database and verification system.

Sheet music

Accurate music

Leadsheet is the only company that engages in active quality control, whereby music is independently checked for musical and lyrical accuracy. Most of the popular music in our system has been verified by our expert musicians to ensure that you have the correct music when and where you need it.

Person playing guitar

Professional editing

With Chordwriter, you can create, edit, and manage ChordPro, Leadsheet, and other universal chord file formats with a rich and easy-to-use visual interface.

Scheduling integration

Full integration with scheduling allows musicians to practice music outside of scheduled practices and to be notified of changes to the scheduled music.


Transpose, annotate, and manipulate music for your particular needs. You can also listen to sample audio of many of the songs in our database.

Download music

Export music to a variety of formats, including PDF for printing, text files for use in presentation, and ChordPro for manipulation in many viewing and editing applications.

Dropbox storage

Using Dropbox to store your files for the team? No problem! With our Dropbox integration, export PDFs and ChordPro files directly from events to your Dropbox account.

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