The only visual Leadsheet
and ChordPro editor.

Chordwriter is the only visual ChordPro and Leadsheet music file editor
That streamlines editing and makes chording easy

Chordwriter editing interface.

Rich, Yet Simple, Visual Interface

Chordwriter is a professional chord editing tool suitable for all your chording needs. The editor is simple, yet powerful, and uses a clean interface for the best possible editing experience. You will be amazed at its simplicity, and awed at its power. It integrates directly with the Leadsheet music system and Dropbox, giving you the ability to leverage your online trove of music with ease.

Windows platform

Chordwriter is available on the Windows Store and can be run on both the desktop and tablet so you can edit music files on-the-go.

Format support

Chordwriter currently supports Leadsheet, ChordPro, OnSong, and text files. More files formats are being added constantly so you can work with anything thrown at you.

Visual editor

Chordwriter uses a clean but powerful interface to add and edit chords. Many chords and extensions are preloaded into the editor to give you a seamless editing experience.

Dropbox integration

Using Dropbox to store all your songs for the band? No problem! With our Dropbox integration, create and edit ChordPro files directly from your Dropbox account.

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