About Us

A brief history and introduction of our exemplary staff.

History of Leadsheet

Leadsheet was founded in September of 2014 with the idea that worship leaders should not be burdened by inaccurate music. Leaders should be able to use music in a moments notice with assurance that the music is correct and will not need to be changed. This is why we take our music seriously: all of our music is verified by expert musicians.

As time went on, we discovered that our church needed scheduling software as well. We developed the Leadsheet Scheduling System, a system specifically designed to meet the needs of small churchs who needed an intuitive solution, not something that is bogged down with complexity. We created the most flexible system that was designed for small, limited worship teams.

Meet the Team

Meet the people behind our little operation. We are a group of motivated individuals who want to bring the best scheduling experience to your church and who work tirelessly to that end.

Ramsay Smith

Ramsay S.


James Moughon

James M.


Hannah Smith

Hannah S.

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